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Seema 'Thai Clay' ~ Air Dry Polymer Clay (250 gm)

Seema 'Thai Clay' ~ Air Dry Polymer Clay (250 gm)
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Seema 'Thai Clay' ~ Air Dry Polymer Clay (250 gm)

  • Seema 'Thai Clay' is an air-dry modeling clay that is light weight, soft, easy to work with and needs no baking.
  • It comes in natural white color and dries with normal exposure to air in approximately 24 hours. However drying time depends on the thickness of the clay
  • Seema 'Thai Clay' can be given any required color by mixing the clay with oil color, acrylic or water colors. 
  • It can be painted and excellent for making delicate objects like clay flowers, plants and many other crafts project.
  • It can acquire any shape, textured, rubber stamped, can be used with push moulds, can be rolled in to extremely fine thin sheets, curved, glued and sculpted for clay flower art or any other crafts project.
  • It is light weight, soft, flexible yet firm and doesnot mildew and lasts permanently.
  • It can be stored in air-tight plastic bag. Flowers can be gently cleaned with a soft brush or a damp cloth.
  • Flowers created using Seema 'Thai Clay' are moisture resistant and result in to expressively expressed expressions that beautify your home and speak your emotions and last for a whole of a life time. So give your loved ones a perfect gift of Clay Flowers!

An expressively expressed expression.... that makes a big impression :)

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